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Zhivitel Russian banyas

Banya is great for recovering
after a busy day at work
A hearty steam bath with oak,
birch tree veniks
Delicious herbal tea
Rest and recreation
with family and friends
The foundation of success in life is good health
Russian banya is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind

Visiting traditional Russian banya is a very effective way to relax and rejuvenate your body, strengthen your nervous system, cleanse and saturate your skin with a variety of vitamins and natural energy! Natural herbal components used in our complex are always the best choice for your skin and no luxurious brands can compete with what nature has to offer.

The price of renting the banya includes: a heated steam bath, kupel and bottled water cooler.

For getting the energy back

Gentle warm up in the steam room will prepare your body in the best way, starting the process of deep cleansing of the skin, and helping to saturate its energy levels.

A plunge in a warm kupel with the decoction of field herbs will help to fully relieve accumulated fatigue.

Bath amenities are not included in the rent.

For the peace of mind

Rest in a warm terry robe with a hot herbal tea - as the process of rejuvenation and complete relaxation takes shape.

Zhivitel bathing complex will provide everything you need for the wonderful rest that you deserve.

Bath amenities are not included in the rent.

And to stay healthy, it is essential to rest. Turning to relaxation techniques is a great way to help with stress management
Steam bath services (Parenie)

Parenie with birch venik: Warming up with a soft birch venik in Russian banya helps in gradually pumping heat to every cell of your body as it soaks in the warmth.

Parenie with oak venik: wide oak leaves take much more heat from the steam room's air, saturated with beautiful aroma of various field herbs. This heat is driven into your body with soft stroking and gentle massage techniques.

We believe that Banya Zhivitel will become one of the best experiences and traditions of your life. Which you can share with your family, parents and friends improving your health and spending a wonderful quality time together.

We know how to make your getaway enjoyable
Gratitude from our guests
Super! I feel reborn! Thank you for such an oasis in the centre of the stone jungle))) Full revival of soul, body and mind. The cold pool after the steam is simply divine! We do not drink alcohol, but the excess of oxygen makes your head spin for sure. Special thanks to our bath attendant Ravil! Attentive, caring, courteous! We highly recommend!

Kirill and Olga Loginov
It is simply divine! Feels like being born again! Purity, grace and a sense of life that is hard to forget! Many sincere thanks to you all!

Sergey Vladimirovich Novotny
Visiting “Zhivitel” for the third time was yet again a very pleasant experience. I came with a friend to relax our minds. The atmosphere of the old-fashioned Russian hut with its samovar, numerous attributes (bath brooms, lounger imitating hayloft, fragrant herbs hanging everywhere and the sound of birds chirping) will not leave anyone indifferent! The entire experience is simply superb. Various SPA treatments, fragrant teas, and you feel as good as new. We were very pleased to visit again! Special thanks to Eduard and his skilful hands!

Gulnara Vakhitova
We were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and comfort of the Russian bath complex. All is at the highest level. Pleasant and helpful staff. It was a real pleasure and bliss. We will make sure to visit again with the entire family and will recommend you to all our friends. A real great place for a relaxing experience. Very soothing! Special thanks to Eduard!

Oleg Pomkov
Bath attendant Sergey is absolutely superb, it feels like he knows what the client wants. The bath is perfect for clearing the brain fog, I highly recommend it. I wish you further growth and development in this direction. Aside from the health benefits, you gift your clients with smiles and it’s priceless. Good luck and a warm hug!

Alexander Grigorevich Galitsyn
Our team is very grateful for the services received. Everything was delivered professionally but with a soul. Eduard and Sergey are such great professionals. We enjoyed visiting “Zhivitel” bath complex, especially for the established atmosphere, aromatic tea and the ambience. We wish you prosperity and further development!

A team of 14 girls
It’s the first time I’ve been here: service, comfort, friendly staff. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Fels like home. Thank you "Zhivitel" for a wonderful experience and a healthier me! Delicious tea and strawberry mousse))

Alexey Olegovich Volgin
I haven’t been on vacation for a really long time. But felt like I spent two hours by the ocean in this complex. It was a great pleasure! Special thanks to Sergey! Very cool!

Lilia R. Shamsutdinova
Gulsina A. Nizamova
Heard a lot about your bath complex but it was the first time we visited. This is above all praise! The bath attendants (Rima and Eduard) are real professionals! We kindly ask the management to note the work of these guys! Thank you so much for a great time!

Daria Valerievna Ryabova
This is something else! Total bliss! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Alexander Seredenin
I am so delighted! Your bath should be renamed to the “PARADISE FOR THE BODY AND SOUL! What an experience! Eduard is your everything! Pastor-doctor-massage therapist-bath attendant- all in one! Now we will be saving to visit you again! Everything is very beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and super clean! Thank you very much, Eduard!

Nailya Ibragimovna Borodulina
Many thanks to Eduard Sabrzhanovich Valeyev for a great experience in the steam bath! We feel recharged and brand new. What a great spiritual experience! Thank you so much!

Valery and Alevtina Zhukov
We really liked it here. Clean, tidy, nice and comfortable! All at the highest level! I can’t wait to share this gem with my friends and acquaintances. Sergey is highly professional and polite, he was very caring toward us. Everything was perfect! Thank you!

Ksenia Alexandrovna Nikitina
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