Social projects

Social projects

“Children with Cerebral Palsy” Foundation Charity concert
A great charity concert dedicated to children with cerebral palsy took place in the Organ Hall of the city on November 20th this year. Talented finalist of the "Voice. Children-2" project came to the city to support the children. Besides that young singers visited the rehabilitation center during the day and performed along with the little guests on the stage at night which brought lots of joy and wonderful emotions to everyone.

Game of skills at "Izgelek" rehabilitation center for disabled individuals
On November 18th this year a sport version of the game "What?Where?When?" for people with disabilities took place at the "Izgelek" rehabilitation center.

Gala night for pensioners
On October 9th this year "Kruglyi Stol" restaurant conducted a celebratory event dedicated to the International day of older persons. In the scope of the ocassion a formal dinner was set followed by the entertainment program and thoughtful gifts.

Children's Day
It has become an annual tradition for the "Tatarstan" business-hotel and the "Krugly Stol" restaurant to arrange wonderful events for "Children with cerebral palsy" foundation in honour of the Children's Day celebration.

"Parade of Fathers 2015"
On the 16th of May this year the "Parade of Fathers -2015"- a great family event took place with the support of "Soyuz otsov" and dedicated to the 3rd International festival of family, love and devotion. "Krugly Stol" restaurant and the "Tatarstan" business-hotel were pleased to treat 400 guests of the event with delicious soldierly porridge and aromatic hot tea. Mission was accomplished!!!

Charity lunch for children with cerebral palsy
"Krugly Stol" restaurant along with "Tatarstan" business-hotel arranged a lovely charity lunch for children with cerebral palsy.

We stay true to the traditions.
All-time annual tradition of the "Tatarstan" business- hotel is to gift with attention and care everyone who invested many years of their lives working in our hotel and who still is a part of our friendly team.

"Tatarstan without drugs"
The "Tatarstan without drugs" annual cycling marathon was held with the support of the "Tatarstan" business-hotel and the "Krugly Stol" restaurant this year. It is sixth in a row marathon that took off on June 26th in Kazan. The event, as usual, was aimed to raise the awareness of the drug addiction facts, while spreading informative brochures about the benefits and the emotional satisfaction from cycling.

We paid our respect to the elderly.
Since 1990 , October 1st is considered to be an International Day of Older Persons. For 10 years straight "Tatarstan" hotel and the "Krugly Stol" restaurant have never forgotten to pay their respect. This year wasn't an exception.

"Tatarstan" hotel charity event
Yet another time when children of the "Merkhemet" orphanage #74 became the honoured guest of the "Tatarstan" hotel and the "Krugly Stol" restaurant.

Hotel "Tatarstan" for children!
In honor of children’s day, Business-hotel “Tatarstan” provides charitable act. All aids will be sent to purchase of books for “Marhamat” children’s home.

Hotel "Tatarstan" for children!
In honor of children’s day, Business-hotel “Tatarstan” provides charitable act. All aids will be sent to purchase of books for “Marhamat” children’s home.

We love, value and respect.
For many years now "Tatarstan" business hotel has been congratulating those who fought for our country, paying respect to the veterans.

Thanking veterans for the victory
"Tatarstan" business-hotel and "Krugly Stol" restaurant which are the largest in Naberezhnye Chelny expressed their gratitude to the Veterans who fought for our future at the WWII.


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