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Loved it
Really enjoyed staying here: comfortable enviroment, friendly staff (reception, restaurant), very attentive, caring and adequate. Yuliya Sergeevna Customer satisfaction survey
Elena Letuchaya won't find any flaws in your hotel
Your hotel is a song. Thank you so much. Elena Letuchaya won't find any flaws in your place. 07.09.2016. Customer satisfaction survey
High standard performance
Stayed in your hotel on our way to a family getaway. Spotless bathroom and fresh white bedding – there is nothing better after a long road trip. Enjoyed our breakfasts and dinners at the restaurant. Meals were served within 20 minutes and everything was yummy and beautifully presented. The kids were also very content. It was not the first time we stayed in this hotel as we are big road trip lovers. Everything is always of the top notch quality. Karikh T. 09.08.2016 Customer satisfaction survey
Enjoyed our stay, everything was perfect
Our stay was superb, everything was just perfect. Thank you for the room number 505 and for the air conditioning!
Welcoming personnel, always ready to help out and assist. Thank you for your understanding!!! The restaurant is of high class, better than in Turkey, it is Russia in the end! Specifically loved the peaceful location and the cleanness. Sincerely grateful for your hospitality.

Bestuzhev A.Yu.
Customer satisfaction survey
A very nice hotel
A very nice hotel, beautiful interior, delicious food (breakfast), affordable rates (20% discount).
Will definitely recommend to all of my friends from Belorussia and Bolgaria.
Thank you so much Yuriy Aleksandrovich, general manager of the «RariTEK» for recommending this wonderful place.

Belov V.K.
Customer satisfaction survey
A very warm reception, quality oriented service
A very warm reception, quality oriented service, friendly personnel. Speaking of the room- the decor was superb, very nice. Pleasant romantic atmosphere was established within the premises! Thank you «Tatarstan» business-hotel for a great impression and sweet desposition.

Sharifullin A.I
Customer satisfaction survey
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